Test and Trials Come to Make You Strong
Test and Trials Come to Make You Strong

Life is full of challenges, obstacles, and hardships that test our strength and resilience. These tests and trials may seem overwhelming, but they come to make us strong.

In this article, we will explore 10 ways how test and trials come to make you strong. By understanding these transformative experiences, you can develop the resilience and personal growth necessary to overcome any adversity that comes your way.

3 Examples of Test and Trials from the Bible

Before diving into the ways test and trials make you strong, let’s draw inspiration from three examples in the Bible. These stories show how individuals faced challenging circumstances and emerged stronger:

The Story of Joseph

Joseph’s life was filled with trials, including betrayal, slavery, and imprisonment. Sold into slavery by his brothers, Joseph endured years of separation from his family and unjust treatment. However, through these tests, he developed resilience, humility, and forgiveness. In the end, Joseph rose to become a powerful leader in Egypt, guiding the nation through a time of famine. His story teaches us the importance of perseverance, trust in God’s plan, and the ability to rise above challenging circumstances.

The Story of Job

The story of Job from the Bible, explains how Job endured immense suffering, losing his possessions, health, and loved ones. He was tested in unimaginable ways, yet he maintained his faith and trust in God. Despite his hardships, Job gained a deeper understanding of God’s sovereignty and goodness.

Through his perseverance, Job’s faith was refined, and he experienced restoration and blessings. His story teaches us about resilience in the face of adversity, unwavering faith, and the power of trust in God’s greater purpose.

The Story of Paul

Paul faced numerous challenges in his mission to spread the Gospel. He encountered persecution, imprisonment, and physical afflictions, yet he remained steadfast in his faith. These tests refined his faith, deepened his wisdom, and fueled his commitment to sharing God’s message. Paul’s story exemplifies the strength that can be found in embracing challenges, the transformative power of perseverance, and the capacity to find purpose even in the midst of suffering.

These stories remind us that test and trials are opportunities for growth, character development, and resilience-building.

10 Ways How Test and Trials Come To Make You Strong

God gives us trials and tribulations to make us stronger. Sometimes, He gives some of us more trials than others. Why is that? Is it because he wants some of us to be stronger? Or because he loves us more and gives us suffering because he loves us?

While it is hard to answer these questions, we know that life can be a struggle where it seems we are lurching from one trial to another. These examples of trials in Christian life are testament to this fact.

What I do know, though, is that each test or trial that God sends my way is a blessing. A blessing to grow myself, to become stronger and to better serve Him.

And so here are the 10 ways that, I believe, test and trials come to make you strong:

  1. Strengthening Resilience
  2. Sharpening Problem-Solving Skills
  3. Cultivating Adaptability
  4. Fostering Emotional Intelligence
  5. Boosting Self-Confidence
  6. Cultivating Patience and Perseverance
  7. Encouraging Self-Discovery
  8. Building Character
  9. Learning from Failure
  10. Empowering Personal Growth

Let’s now look closely at each of these ways.

#1. Strengthening Resilience

Test and trials cultivate resilience by challenging us to bounce back from adversity. They push us beyond our comfort zones and teach us to adapt, persevere, and find strength within ourselves.

Each difficulty we overcome builds our resilience, enabling us to face future challenges with greater confidence and determination. Resilience is a crucial trait that helps us navigate the ups and downs of life, bounce back from setbacks, and emerge stronger than before. And strengthening resilience is most definitely one of the ways that test and trials come to make you strong.

#2. Sharpening Problem-Solving Skills

Adversity often requires us to think creatively and find solutions. Test and trials push us to develop our problem-solving abilities, encouraging innovation, resourcefulness, and critical thinking. When faced with obstacles, we learn to analyze situations, identify options, and make sound decisions. As we encounter and overcome challenges, our problem-solving skills sharpen, equipping us to tackle complex problems in various aspects of life.

#3. Cultivating Adaptability

Test and trials often disrupt our plans and force us to adapt. They teach us the importance of flexibility and adjusting our approach in the face of unexpected circumstances. By navigating through challenging situations, we cultivate adaptability skills, enabling us to embrace change, think on our feet, and find new paths to success. This adaptability becomes a valuable asset as we navigate the ever-changing landscape of life, careers, and relationships.

#4. Fostering Emotional Intelligence

Adversity puts our emotions to the test. It challenges us to manage and understand our emotions in healthy ways. Test and trials provide opportunities for us to develop emotional intelligence by learning to recognize, regulate, and empathize with our own and others’ emotions.

Through these experiences, we cultivate self-awareness, improve our communication skills, and build meaningful relationships. Emotional intelligence equips us to handle conflicts, navigate difficult conversations, and lead with empathy and compassion. So growth in emotional intelligence is one way how test and trials come to make you strong.

#5. Boosting Self-Confidence

Successfully overcoming challenges enhances our self-confidence. Test and trials prove our capability to face adversity, empowering us to believe in ourselves and our abilities. Each hurdle we overcome serves as a reminder of our strength and resilience. As we accumulate victories through perseverance and determination, our self-confidence grows. This newfound self-assurance allows us to tackle future obstacles with a positive mindset, knowing that we have the power to overcome them.

#6. Cultivating Patience and Perseverance

Test and trials teach us the value of patience and the importance of perseverance. They often require enduring difficult seasons and facing setbacks along the way. Through these experiences, we learn to stay committed to our goals, trust the process of growth, and remain patient when results aren’t immediate.

Patience and perseverance are essential virtues that enable us to stay the course, face challenges with resilience, and ultimately achieve our desired outcomes.

So if you are like me – lots of perseverance but no patience – then trials in life can be your friend. Because, learning to become patient is one of the ways how test and trials come to make you strong.

#7. Encouraging Self-Discovery

Adversity prompts introspection and self-reflection. Test and trials compel us to look inward and examine our values, beliefs, strengths, and weaknesses. Through this self-discovery process, we gain a deeper understanding of ourselves, our priorities, and what truly matters to us.

By aligning our actions with our authentic selves, we live more purposefully and make choices that align with our values. Self-discovery empowers us to create a meaningful and fulfilling life.

#8. Building Character

Character development is a significant outcome of test and trials. These experiences shape our values, integrity, and moral compass. In times of adversity, our true character shines through as we navigate challenges with grace, compassion, and integrity.

By facing difficult circumstances, we have the opportunity to refine our character, strengthen our convictions, and cultivate virtues such as perseverance, humility, and empathy. Building a strong character allows us to navigate life’s complexities with integrity and make a positive impact on those around us.

Strength of character is a key way how test and trials come to make you strong.

#9. Learning from Failure

Failure is often an integral part of the journey towards success. Test and trials teach us valuable lessons from our mistakes and failures. They provide opportunities for growth and learning experiences. By embracing failure as a stepping stone rather than a setback, we develop resilience, gain insights, and acquire wisdom. Each failure becomes a valuable lesson that propels us forward, equipping us with the knowledge and experience to make better choices and achieve future successes.

#10. Empowering Personal Growth

Ultimately, test and trials lead to profound personal growth. They challenge us to step out of our comfort zones, confront our fears, and embrace opportunities for change and transformation. As we navigate through difficult experiences, we gain a deeper understanding of ourselves, expand our capabilities, and unlock our true potential.

Test and trials become catalysts for personal growth, empowering us to become the best versions of ourselves and live a more fulfilling life.

And so, these are the 10 ways how test and trials come to make you strong and so flip the narrative and start looking at tests and trials as blessings for self-growth and improvement.


While test and trials may initially appear as obstacles, they come into our lives to make us strong. Through resilience, problem-solving skills, adaptability, emotional intelligence, self-confidence, patience, self-discovery, character-building, learning from failure, and personal growth, these experiences shape us into stronger individuals.

Embrace the challenges that come your way, knowing that they serve a purpose in your journey. With a growth mindset and the belief that you can overcome anything, you will navigate life’s test and trials with grace, strength, and a steadfast spirit. Remember, it is through these challenges that you emerge as a stronger, wiser, and more resilient version of yourself.